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Toronto is a safe city, so why is everyone scared?

A spike in shootings has politicians at every level talking about Toronto’s gun violence. But the numbers say you’re safer in Toronto than...


Ignoring interest rates is finally costing you money

With the amount of debt Canadians carry and the state of housing markets in our largest cities, interest rates might be the most...


The wheels come off in the West

Greyhound buses have been an essential part of transportation in the prairies for nearly a century, but that ends November 1st. The company...


Why Trudeau’s spin matters as much as his conduct

No one knows the specifics of what happened between Justin Trudeau and a female reporter in Kokanee, B.C. 18 years ago. What we...


Bikes vs. Cars

It seems we can’t go a day without hearing about a cyclist in this country being injured, or killed on the road. Who’s...


#ParodyCabinet: The thin line between comedy and fake news

Fake accounts with the hashtag #ParodyCabinet are popping up on Twitter every day. While they’re supposedly just meant to poke fun at our...