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Welcome to Chaos Politics

When Donald Trump got elected, Canada thought it would never happen here. Then it kinda did. And it might happen again next year....


One month out, legal pot is a total bong show

The retail plans change province to province. So do the number of stores. The bylaws on where you can smoke pot change by...


Does the future of the NHL still include hitting?

A radical proposal from a concussion symposium this summer left us wondering as training camps open: What would the NHL look like if...


Femicide is the crisis we’re all ignoring

Every month, new statistics show the staggering number of women killed by men as a result of misogyny. It’s common enough that there’s...


How do you get real answers from Justin Trudeau?

The past few months have not exactly been kind to Canada’s Prime Minister, so maybe he’s anxious to change the narrative heading into...