Time for some high finance. A few years ago, you could buy stock in emerging marijuana production companies for a couple of bucks a share. Now they’re some of the hottest investments on the market. And since recreational pot is legal—as of right now, in Canada, it’s for sale—there’s a lot of money still to be made, right? Well, maaaaaybe. But maybe not.

The story of how pot stocks skyrocketed is a long and winding tale, and even more interesting are the possibilities from here on out. Right now, the all the industry valuations have been built on hopeful speculation, and extrapolation of pot consumption data from black market sales. Starting today, though, real consumer numbers will be recorded, then reported, then analyzed and we’ll see how much of pot’s climbing stock prices were based on hype. Should you get out now? Is it too late to dive in? Our market analyst breaks it all down. 

GUEST: Bryan Borzykowski, Maclean’s, Report on Business


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