Audrey Parker plans to end her life today. It's earlier than she'd like—but she doesn't feel she has a choice. She's terminally ill, and while she'd prefer to wait a while longer, she'll be taking a big risk if she does.

The rules around assisted death in Canada are complex, but they clearly spell out that you must be of sound mind all the way up until the moment the treatment is administered. On the surface, it makes sense. But if you're as ill as Audrey is, that sound mind could be taken away from you by disease or the drugs you use for the pain. And once it is, you can no longer opt for a planned exit.

If it sounds like this could be a problem, well, it is. And Audrey has spent the last year of her life speaking out as loudly as she can about the changes that need to be made to the rules around the program. Today, she'll have a final meal and a quiet goodbye. Tomorrow and beyond, she wants us to keep talking about this. Will we?

GUEST: Michael MacDonald, Canadian Press


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