The difficulty level on this one is non-Trump. After 120+ episodes and countless other rejected ideas along the way, we invite three of our favourite guests back to pick their brains about what was the most important story of 2018—from horrific hockey tragedies to the evolution of the #MeToo movement to the ever-growing power of the social media mob.

But because this has been a long year, and a tough year if you’re the kind of person who actively consumes the news, we’ve also tapped each of them for their Good News story of 2018 and demanded a tip on how they digest everything that’s happening in the world every day and remain sane.

This is the last daily episode of The Big Story for 2018. We’ll return on Jan. 2. But we also have a handful of surprises planned for you over the next two weeks…so make sure to check your feed. And thanks for listening, from the whole team and our guests.

GUESTS: Aaron Hutchins (Maclean’s), Stacy Lee Kong (, Donnovan Bennett (Sportsnet)


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