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Can we fix elections in Canada?

Wait…do they even need fixing? Well, British Columbia is voting right now on whether or not to keep their first-past-the-post election model or...


Inside Toronto’s housing crisis

The average Toronto condo rents for $2,385/month. The city’s vacancy rate of 0.5 percent is at a historic low. Apartment viewings attract hundreds...


Will gene editing technology change the world?

Last week a Chinese scientist announced that he had successfully created the world’s first gene-edited babies—twin girls born from embryos altered to make...


Inside the terrifying world of faulty medical implants

There are broken devices doing important jobs in the bodies of Canadians right now. We don’t know how many. We don’t know how...


You’ve seen this movie before

The Lion King is coming back to theatres. And so is Dumbo. And Spider-Man. And Rocky. And if it’s not a remake, it’s...