There’s a lot of talk in urban centres about what we want our food to be: free of pesticides like Roundup, non-GMO, and preferably totally organic. Oh, and fresh, shiny and beautiful, too. Outside the cities, Canada’s farmers hear this, shake their heads and laugh. When it comes to how our food is grown, we might be using the same buzzwords but we’re not speaking the same language. And that’s a big problem. When much of the country hears about new science that can help farms produce better, healthier crops, and responds with fears of mutations and cancer, it makes it a lot harder to get real healthy food into local grocery stores at a price that makes it worth a farmer’s time to try to do it. And we really need them to keep doing it—it’s not going to get easier to feed the world anytime. How can city eaters and rural farmers learn to speak the same language? What would your local grocery store look like if they did? Writer/farmer Toban Dyck helps us bridge the gap.



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