Patterned rolling papers, sparkly crystal pipes and eco-friendly vapes that fit in the palm of your hand—weed isn't even legal in Canada yet, but trendy paraphernalia is everywhere. And most of it is being designed with the working millennial woman in mind. She's young and career-driven, and she's hyper-focused on self-care. What’s the marketing approach all about and why is it so different from how pot is being sold to men? Does weed actually have positive health benefits? Does it need to? Can’t women just get high for the sake of getting high? 

Carley Fortune is the editor-in-chief at Chatelaine magazine. She's not a smoker, but she recently travelled to California to see what the scene is like when cannabis isn't contraband. And as you may have guessed, it's totally different than the sloppy joint you and your friends passed around behind the bleachers in high school. 


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