Every month, new statistics show the staggering number of women killed by men as a result of misogyny. It’s common enough that there’s a term for this: Femicide. A recent report by the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability shows that there have been 106 victims of femicide in 2018 in Canada. This is the crisis nobody has a plan to combat. What criteria defines a femicide? How can we identify women at risk before it happens? And why are so many of these deaths linked to misogyny? 

There’s been an increasing focus on violence against women in recent years, but that hasn’t resulted in a drop in the number of murders. What factors are at play and why hasn’t all our talk about awareness done anything? Guest host Sarah Boesveld sits down with Pamela Cross, a feminist lawyer and director of Luke’s Place, a clinic that offers legal advice to women who have been victims of domestic violence, to explain.


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