When the province goes to the polls next Monday, a referendum on sovereignty won't be on the table. Also, the Parti Quebecois are running a distant third, at best. And the Liberals are no shoe-in, either. There's a fresh party's populist push against more immigration. Oh, and there's also radical left party eating up an increasingly significant amount of the vote, if you believe the polls. This is the dawn of a new era in Quebec politics and the rest of the country needs to pay attention.
Elias Makos of Breakfast television in Montreal gives us a look at the big picture with less than seven days to go before the vote. Then, Canadian Press reporter Giuseppe Valiante takes us out on the hustings to explain the appeal of Coalition Avenir Quebec's populism and break down why Quebec solidaire--a party without an official leader--might just be writing the new blueprint for progressive politics in Canada.


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