What’s it like to buy weed from the government? No, really, how easy is it if you have no knowledge and no preparation? We put Ontario’s online store to the test. And we learn a few things about the process that you should hear if you’re considering it. It’s…an adventure.

Then, it’s time for your questions! All week you’ve been asking us the stuff you want to know about how this works now that pot is legal. We’ve picked the best ones and we’ll fire them at our all-purpose pot policy guru, parliament hill reporter Cormac Mac Sweeney. Is your data safe? What do you say at the border? What about transporting pot in Canada? Do we know how sales numbers look yet? What’s the carbon footprint of this supposedly ‘green’ industry?

Thanks for rolling with us this week. And if you’ve enjoyed this series, don’t worry—something tells us this is not going away as a news story anytime soon.

GUEST: Cormac Mac Sweeney, CityNews and Rogers Radio Parliament Hill reporter


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